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To load: (require (planet wmfarr/pairing-heap:1:0/pairing-heap))
Old style:(require (planet "" ("wmfarr" "pairing-heap.plt" 1 0)))
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The pairing-heaps.plt package provides a unit for creating and manipulating pairing heaps. To learn more about pairing heaps, see the Wikipedia entry on pairing-heaps. The heaps created by this package are "persistent", meaning that operations like "insert" create a new heap which contains all the elemnts of the old heap plus those which have been inserted. Persistent datastructures are particularly useful for multi-threaded programs because no operations can alter a pre-existing heap (which can therefore be shared between multiple threads).

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To load: (require (planet wmfarr/pairing-heap:1:0/pairing-heap))
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Version 1.0
Initial release. Note that the code is careful to use lazy evaluation to maintain the (conjectured) O(log(n)) amortized bounds on the remove-min operation. For more on this idea, see Chris Okasaki's PhD thesis or Okasaki's Purely Functional Data Structures.
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