This collection provides one file:

 _json.ss_: a reader and writer for the JSON data format.

See for more information about JSON.

The data structures of this library are immutable.


json ::= (hashof symbol json)   ; JSON object
      |  (listof json)          ; JSON array
      |  integer                ; JSON number
      |  inexact                ; JSON number
      |  string                 ; JSON string
      |  boolean                ; JSON boolean
      |  void                   ; JSON null

> (read [port]) :: [input-port] -> json

Reads a json value from an input port.

> (write x [port]) :: json * [output-port] -> void

Writes a json value to an output port.

> (json? x) :: any -> boolean

Performs a deep test to see whether the given input value is a
`json' value.