This collection provides one file:

 _xhtml.ss_: utilities for generating XHTML content in a servlet


> (xhtml-mime-type req) : request -> bytes

Given a servlet request object, generates the byte string MIME type
for sending an XHTML page that is compatible with the user's browser.
This byte string can be used as an argument to the servlet library
procedures `make-response/full' and `make-response/incremental'.

> (make-response/xhtml xexpr [doctype request]) : xexpr [string request] -> response

Given an X-expression and an optional doctype and servlet request
object, generates a servlet response object with the XHTML and MIME
type that are compatible with the user's browser. The doctype defaults
to `xhtml1-transitional', and absent a request object, the MIME type
defaults to #"text/html".

> xhtml1-transitional : string
> xhtml1-strict       : string
> xhtml1-frameset     : string
> xhtml1.1            : string
> xhtml2.0            : string

Doctype declarations for respective XHTML specifications.

EXAMPLES -------------------------------------------------------------

(require (lib "" "web-server"))
(define (start initial-request)
  (make-response/xhtml '(html (head (title "Hello"))
                              (body (p "Hello, world!")))