#lang setup/infotab

(define name "User Script Plugin")
(define drracket-names '("Script Plugin"))
(define drracket-tools '("tool.rkt"))

(define scribblings '(("scribblings/manual.scrbl")))

(define blurb 
  '("DrRacket plugin to enable easy user scripting for the definition window. Similar to GEdit External Tools."))

(define required-core-version "5.0")
(define repositories '("4.x"))
(define categories '(devtools))

(define can-be-loaded-with 'none)
(define primary-file "tool.rkt")

(define version "0.4")
(define release-notes
     (li "Note: The 0.x external version branch (PLaneT 1.x branch) is considered unstable, and there may be some backward incompatibilities.")
     (li "Cleaned the archive of useless files")
     (li "More docs with examples")