#lang scheme/gui

; This is basically identical to 2htdp/private/ from
; version 4.2.3, except that check-scene-result has been redefined
; to MAKE the result a scene rather than complaining if it isn't.
; And worlds have the identity function as the default draw handler.

(require 2htdp/private/check-aux
         (prefix-in 2p: 2htdp/private/image)

(provide (all-from-out htdp/image))

(provide (rename-out [my-place-image place-image]
                     [my-scene+line scene+line]
                     [2p:nw:rectangle nw:rectangle] ; for compatibility
                     [2p:empty-scene empty-scene] ; ditto

; scenify : image -> scene
(define (scenify img)
  (put-pinhole img 0 0))

; my-place-image : image x y image -> scene
(define (my-place-image fg x y bg)
  (2p:place-image fg x y (scenify bg)))

; my-scene+line : image x0 y0 x1 y1 color -> scene
(define (my-scene+line bg x0 y0 x1 y1 color)
  (2p:scene+line (scenify bg) x0 y0 x1 y1 color))

; The default draw handler
; show-it : image -> image
(define (show-it img)
  (check-arg 'show-it (image? img) 'image "first" img)

; my-check-scene-result : symbol(?) any -> scene or error
(define (my-check-scene-result tname thing)
  (if (image? thing)
      (scenify thing)
      (check-result tname #f "image" thing)))
(provide world% aworld% show-it)

;   ;   ;                  ;        ;
;   ;   ;                  ;        ;
;   ;   ;                  ;        ;
;   ;   ;   ;;;   ; ;;     ;     ;;;;
;   ;   ;  ;   ;  ;;  ;    ;    ;   ;
;   ; ; ;  ;   ;  ;   ;    ;    ;   ;
;   ;; ;;  ;   ;  ;        ;    ;   ;
;   ;   ;  ;   ;  ;        ;    ;   ;
;   ;   ;   ;;;   ;        ;;    ;;;;

;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; packages for broadcasting information to the universe

(define-struct package (world message) #:transparent)

;; World Sexp -> Package
(define (create-package w m)
  (check-arg 'make-package (sexp? m) 'sexp "second" m)
  (make-package w m))

 (rename-out (create-package make-package)) ;; World S-expression -> Package
 package? ;; Any -> Package

(define world%
    (class* object% (start-stop<%>)
      (inspect #f)
       world0            ;; World
       (name #f)         ;; (U #f String)
       (state #f)        ;; Boolean
       (register #f)     ;; (U #f IP)
       (check-with True) ;; Any -> Boolean
       (tick K))         ;; (U (World -> World) (list (World -> World) Nat))
       (on-key K)        ;; World KeyEvent -> World
       (on-mouse K)      ;; World Nat Nat MouseEvent -> World
       (on-receive #f)   ;; (U #f (World S-expression -> World))
       (on-draw show-it)      ;; (U #f (World -> Scene) (list (World -> Scene) Nat Nat))
       (stop-when False) ;; World -> Boolean
       (record? #f))     ;; Boolean
      ;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
        (new checked-cell% [msg "World"] [value0 world0] [ok? check-with]
             [display (and state (or name "your world program's state"))])])
      ;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
      (field [*out* #f] ;; (U #f OutputPort), where to send messages to
             [*rec* (make-custodian)]) ;; Custodian, monitor traffic)
      (define/private (register-with-host)
        (define FMT "\nworking off-line\n")
        (define FMTtry 
          (string-append "unable to register with ~a after ~s tries" 
        (define FMTcom 
          (string-append "unable to register with ~a due to protocol problems" 
        ;; Input-Port -> [-> Void]
        ;; create closure (for thread) to receive messages and signal events
        (define (RECEIVE in)
          (define (RECEIVE)
              (lambda (in) 
                (define dis (text "the universe disappeared" 11 'red))
                (with-handlers ((tcp-eof? 
                                 (compose (handler #f)
                                          (lambda (e)
                                            (set! draw (lambda (w) dis))
                  ;; --- "the universe disconnected" should come from here ---
                  (define msg (tcp-receive in))
                    [(sexp? msg) (prec msg) (RECEIVE)] ;; break loop if EOF
                    [#t (error 'RECEIVE "sexp expected, received: ~e" msg)]))))))
        ;; --- now register, obtain connection, and spawn a thread for receiving
        (parameterize ([current-custodian *rec*])
          ;; try to register with the server n times
          (let try ([n TRIES])
            (printf "trying to register with ~a ...\n" register)
            (with-handlers ((tcp-eof? (lambda (x) (printf FMTcom register)))
                             (lambda (x)
                               (if (= n 1) 
                                   (printf FMTtry register TRIES)
                                   (begin (sleep PAUSE) (try (- n 1)))))))
              (define-values (in out) (tcp-connect register SQPORT))
              (tcp-register in out name)
              (printf "... successful registered and ready to receive\n")
              (set! *out* out)
              (thread (RECEIVE in))))))
      (define/private (broadcast msg)
        (when *out* 
          (check-result 'send sexp? "Sexp expected; given ~e\n" msg)
          (tcp-send *out* msg)))
      ;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
       (draw   (cond
                 [(procedure? on-draw) on-draw]
                 [(pair? on-draw)      (first on-draw)]
                 [else on-draw]))
       (live   (not (boolean? draw)))
       (width  (if (pair? on-draw) (second on-draw) #f))
       (height (if (pair? on-draw) (third on-draw) #f)))
      ;; the visible world
      (field [enable-images-button void] ;; used if stop-when call produces #t
             [disable-images-button void]
             [visible (new pasteboard%)])
      (define (show-canvas)
        (send visible set-cursor (make-object cursor% 'arrow))
        (let ([fst-scene (ppdraw)])
          (set! width  (if width width (image-width fst-scene)))
          (set! height (if height height (image-height fst-scene)))
          (show fst-scene)))
      ;; effect: create, show and set the-frame
      (define/pubment (create-frame)
        (define play-back:cust (make-custodian))
        (define frame (new (class frame%
                             (define/augment (on-close)  
                               (callback-stop! 'frame-stop)
                               (custodian-shutdown-all play-back:cust)))
                           (label (if name (format "~a" name) "World"))
                           (stretchable-width #f)
                           (stretchable-height #f)
                           (style '(no-resize-border metal))))
        (define editor-canvas 
          (new (class editor-canvas%
                 ;; deal with keyboard events
                 (define/override (on-char e) 
                   (when live (pkey (key-event->parts e))))
                 ;; deal with mouse events if live and within range
                 (define/override (on-event e)
                   (define-values (x y me) (mouse-event->parts e))
                   (when live
                       [(and (<= 0 x width) (<= 0 y height)) (pmouse x y me)]
                       [(memq me '(leave enter)) (pmouse x y me)]
                       [else (void)]))))
               (parent frame)
               (editor visible)
               (style '(no-hscroll no-vscroll))
               (horizontal-inset INSET)
               (vertical-inset INSET)))
        (send editor-canvas min-client-width (+ width INSET INSET))
        (send editor-canvas min-client-height (+ height INSET INSET))
        (set!-values (enable-images-button disable-images-button)
                     (inner (values void void) create-frame frame play-back:cust))
        (send editor-canvas focus)
        (send frame show #t))
      ;; Image -> Void
      ;; show the image in the visible world
      (define/public (show pict)
        (send visible begin-edit-sequence)
        (send visible lock #f)
        (let ([s (send visible find-first-snip)]
              [c (send visible get-canvas)])
          (when s (send visible delete s))
          (send visible insert (send pict copy) 0 0))
        (send visible lock #t)
        (send visible end-edit-sequence))
      ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      ;; callbacks
       (key    on-key)
       (mouse  on-mouse)
       (rec    on-receive))
      (define-syntax-rule (def/pub-cback (name arg ...) transform)
        ;; Any ... -> Boolean
        (define/public (name arg ...) 
           (lambda ()
             (with-handlers ([exn? (handler #t)])
               (define tag (format "~a callback" 'transform))
               (define nw (transform (send world get) arg ...))
               (when (package? nw)
                 (broadcast (package-message nw))
                 (set! nw (package-world nw)))
               (let ([changed-world? (send world set tag nw)])
                 (unless changed-world?
                   (when draw (pdraw))
                   (when (pstop) 
                     (when last-picture 
                       (set! draw last-picture)
                     (callback-stop! 'name)
      ;; tick, tock : deal with a tick event for this world
      (def/pub-cback (ptock) tick)
      ;; key events
      (def/pub-cback (pkey ke) key)
      ;; mouse events
      (def/pub-cback (pmouse x y me) mouse)
      ;; receive revents
      (def/pub-cback (prec msg) rec)
      ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      ;; draw : render this world
      (define/private (pdraw) (show (ppdraw)))
      (define/private (ppdraw)
        (my-check-scene-result (name-of draw 'your-draw) (draw (send world get))))
      ;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
      ;; stop-when
      (field [stop (if (procedure? stop-when) stop-when (first stop-when))]
             [last-picture (if (pair? stop-when) (second stop-when) #f)])
      (define/private (pstop)
        (define result (stop (send world get)))
        (check-result (name-of stop 'your-stop-when) boolean? "boolean" result)
      ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      ;; start & stop
      (define/public (callback-stop! msg)
        (stop! (send world get)))
      (define (handler re-raise)
        (lambda (e)
          (printf "breaking ..\n")
          (stop! (if re-raise e (send world get)))))
      (define/public (start!)
         (lambda ()
           (when draw (show-canvas))
           (when register (register-with-host)))))
      (define/public (stop! w)
        (set! live #f)
        (custodian-shutdown-all *rec*))
      ;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
      ;; initialize the world and run
      (when (stop (send world get)) (stop! (send world get)))))))

;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(define-runtime-path break-btn:path '(lib "icons/break.png"))
(define break-button:label 
  ((bitmap-label-maker (string-constant break-button-label) break-btn:path) '_))

(define-runtime-path image-button:path '(lib "icons/file.gif"))
(define image-button:label ((bitmap-label-maker "Images" image-button:path) '_))

(define aworld%
  (class world% (super-new)
    (inherit-field world0 tick key mouse rec draw rate width height)
    (inherit show callback-stop!)
    ;; Frame Custodian ->* (-> Void) (-> Void)
    ;; adds the stop animation and image creation button,
    ;; whose callbacks runs as a thread in the custodian
    (define/augment (create-frame frm play-back-custodian)
      (define p (new horizontal-pane% [parent frm][alignment '(center center)]))
      (define (switch)
        (send stop-button enable #f)
        (send image-button enable #t))
      (define (stop) 
        (send image-button enable #f)
        (send stop-button enable #f))
      (define-syntax-rule (btn l a y ...)
        (new button% [parent p] [label l] [style '(border)] 
             [callback (lambda a y ...)]))
      (define stop-button 
        (btn break-button:label (b e) (callback-stop! 'stop-images) (switch)))
      (define image-button 
        (btn image-button:label (b e)
             (parameterize ([current-custodian play-back-custodian])
               (thread (lambda () (play-back)))
      (send image-button enable #f)
      (values switch stop))
    (field [event-history '()]) ;; [Listof Evt]
    ;; Symbol  Any *-> Void
    (define/private (add-event type . stuff)
      (set! event-history (cons (cons type stuff) event-history)))
    ;; --- new callbacks ---
    (define-syntax-rule (def/over-cb (pname name arg ...))
      (define/override (pname arg ...) 
        (when (super pname arg ...) (add-event name arg ...))))
    (def/over-cb (ptock tick))
    (def/over-cb (pkey key e))
    (def/over-cb (pmouse mouse x y me))
    (def/over-cb (prec rec m))
    ;; --> Void
    ;; re-play the history of events; create a png per step; create animated gif
    ;; effect: write to user-chosen directory
    (define/private (play-back)
      ;; World EventRecord -> World
      (define (world-transition world fst) (apply (car fst) world (cdr fst)))
      ;; --- creating images
      (define total (+ (length event-history) 1))
      (define digt# (string-length (number->string total)))
      (define imag# 0)
      (define bmps '())
      ;; Image -> Void
      (define (save-image img)
        (define bm (make-object bitmap% width height))
        (define dc (make-object bitmap-dc% bm))
        (send dc clear)
        (send img draw dc 0 0 0 0 width height 0 0 #f)
        (set! imag# (+ imag# 1))
        (send bm save-file (format "i~a.png" (zero-fill imag# digt#)) 'png)
        (set! bmps (cons bm bmps)))
      ;; --- choose place
      (define img:dir (get-directory "image directory:" #f (current-directory)))
      (when img:dir
        (parameterize ([current-directory img:dir])
          (define last 
            (foldr (lambda (event world)
                     (save-image (draw world))
                     (show (text (format "~a/~a created" imag# total) 18 'red))
                     (world-transition world event))
          (show (text (format "creating ~a" ANIMATED-GIF-FILE) 18 'red))
          (create-animated-gif rate (reverse bmps))
          (show (draw last)))))))

;; Number [Listof (-> bitmap)] -> Void
;; turn the list of thunks into animated gifs
;; effect: overwrite the ANIMATED-GIF-FILE (in current directory)
;; [Listof (-> bitmap)] -> Void
;; turn the list of thunks into animated gifs
;; effect: overwrite the ANIMATED-GIF-FILE (in current directory)
(define (create-animated-gif R bitmap-list)
  (when (file-exists? ANIMATED-GIF-FILE) (delete-file ANIMATED-GIF-FILE))
  (write-animated-gif bitmap-list (if (> +inf.0 R 0) (number->integer R) 5)
                      #:one-at-a-time? #t
                      #:loop? #f))

(define ANIMATED-GIF-FILE "i-animated.gif")