Projects Project

Projects Project

Provides Save Tabs and Reload Tabs buttons in DrScheme
your saved tabs are saved to;  (directory-of-your-choice) ""

multiple projects 
doesn't create multiple tabs for the one file.
team friendly (paths are relative so you can use co-workers tabs

Tip - name the saved file for the task you are working on.

To do
* pick sensible default directory for reloading tabs
if the current tab does not have a directory (unsaved) then use 
- the last save directory and filename as a starting point
- user home directory
- a pre-specified dev-home directory?
- a history of saved tabs

* update scribble documentation.
* Put the buttons on the left near the file chooser/browser. - I can't work out how to do thid (HELP)
* A menu in the menubar might be a better place rather than buttons. (HELP)
* The button icons don't show up - I can't work out how to get them working. (HELP)

Any help appreciated...

Dev workflow;
1. edit files in  svn/projects-project
2. close drscheme
3. copy to collects/projects-project
4. run in terminal; bin/setup-plt -l projects-project 
5. reopen drscheme
6. open/run to make the planet package

** Goals and vision of the plugin **

I think this message is a good starting point;

* saving a group (of tabs) as a file
* a task db (something that could survive a version control system - maybe each task as a file)
* associating tasks with groups

originale message follows; 

;Anton van Straaten anton at
;Wed Sep 26 12:07:10 EDT 2007
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;Robby Findler wrote:
;> FWIW, I think that this would make a fairly easy tool to write (one
;> that did a firefox-like thing and remembered the open files from last
;> time). I'd be happy to help anyone if they try to write it and get
;> stuck.
;Just to introduce some scope creep, and in the interests of leapfrogging 
;a full recapitulation of the history of IDEs, I think it'd be a good 
;idea to make the list of open files a kind of first-class entity, that 
;could e.g. be saved in a directory and reopened later.
;This is a fairly simple enhancement which opens the door to some very 
;useful possibilities.  A good example of these possibilities can be 
;found in Mylyn[*], which is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE.
;Mylyn allows you to associate a set of open files with a "task".  When 
;you switch between tasks, a different set of files is opened 
;automatically - whatever was open when you last worked on the selected 
;task.  In big projects, this can be quite a blessing.
;Mylyn takes this idea a step further and integrates its task abstraction 
;with issue tracking systems like Bugzilla and Trac.  One of the things 
;it allows is for the list of open files to be stored as an attachment on 
;a ticket in such a system.  Again, just having the list of open files be 
;manipulable at some level makes all these things possible.
;Articles about Mylyn, with lots of screenshots: