1 Requirements
2 How to Use

LaTex for Slideshow

Stephen Chang <stchang@racket-lang.org>

This package provides a way to use LaTex code directly in Slideshow.

 (require (planet stchang/slideshow-tex))

1 Requirements

This package requires the following to be installed:

2 How to Use

(tex str ...)  pict?
  str : string?
Converts input LaTex code into pict for use in Slideshow

- Inserts input strings into LaTex document (in math mode) and compiles to pdf.

- Uses ImageMagick to convert pdf to png file.

(Temporary files are created in directory "slideshow-texfiles/" and are named "texfile<#>.<ext>" where <#> is the equal-hash-code of the input string and <ext> is the appropriate extension. All temporary files except png file are deleted after the conversion is done.)

- Returns pict using bitmap

- Results of compilation are cached and an existing png file (identified with unique hash) is used instead of recompiling.


> (tex "\\lambda x.x")