The RacketGL library

 (require (planet stephanh/RacketGL:1:3/rgl))

The RacketGL library is an automatically-generated wrapper around the OpenGL library. Being automatically-generated means that it is quite complete. It also means that the wrapping may not be as nice as a manual wrapping.

Please note that these procedures are all very much unsafe; in particular, if you call any of them while no OpenGL context is active, you are almost certain to crash Racket. An OpenGL context is typically establised by using the with-gl-context in canvas% method. If you are running from within DrRacket, I would recommend to get used to saving your OpenGL program before running it.

This document contains, for reference, the calling conventions for all the non-extension OpenGL procedures. This information is also automatically generated. This is only intended to easily look up type and number of parameters and return values. There is no information on what the various calls actually do; for that, please refer to the documentation of the OpenGL C API.

The wrapper procedures automatically check for OpenGL errors after any call, except between glBegin and glEnd where this is disallowed. You don’t have to call glGetError yourself.