#lang setup/infotab
(define name "sizeof")
(define blurb '("Size of arbitrary C types"))
(define release-notes 
  '((h2 "Sizeof arbitrary C types")
    (p "This module calculates the size of things, as understood by the C compiler. It does so by the name of the type understood by the compiler, and that can be any name, so if you need to know the size of a weird type, use this. Otherwise ctype-sizeof is probably more to your liking.")
    (p "SLIGHT BUG: if for some weird reason the source file isn't written right (should never happen) but it still links (yikes!) then you'll have to restart drscheme to get rid of the bad library. (ffi-lib) refuses to dlclose anything so once you (ffi-lib) a certain library file, you can't refresh it in any sensible manner.")))
(define scribblings '(("doc.scrbl" ())))
(define categories '(system metaprogramming))
(define primary-file '(""))