== Overview

== Overview

docgen is a dirt simple html documentation generator. 
It parses doc.txt files, using a simple syntax, and generates a structured
html document with css styling.

== Syntax

docgen understands the following syntax:
== Section
=== Pre-formatted section
-- Subsection
--- Subsubsection
> (proc ...)
-> value or (value ...)
> (macro ...) : syntax
>> preformated expression

Pre-formatted regions are enclosed in #| ... |#, with #| and |# placed alone
in a line.

== Usage

-- Programmatically

> (docgen name inp outp #:key (style #f) (keywords #f))

Where name is the title for the document as a string, inp is an input-port
and outp is an output port.

style specifies the style sheet (doc.css when omitted).
keywords is an optional list of keywords for the meta header.

> (main)

Generates documentation using argv.

Expected arguments: name [input=doc.txt output=doc.html]

-- As a script

mzscheme -vmqfe $docgen "(main)" -- $*