#lang scheme/base
 "live/"    ;; Scat code for host<->target interaction.
 "live/"    ;; A target-local view to the above.
 "live/"  ;; Base implementation of the target command language.
 "live/"  ;; Namespace operations.
 "live/"        ;; repl functionality
 "live/"   ;; incremental development

 ;; necessary for reflective operations to work:
; ""
; ""
; ""

(provide (all-defined-out))

;; (loading "live")

;; All uses of 'eval in the staapl/live/ modules will use the current
;; project namespace, as managed by prj/ code.  However,
;; live/ has a link to the manager for delegating
;; meta-namespace operations (like reload/switch/kill/...).

(define (console spec)
      ((void (lambda _
               (printf "Can't open console ~a.\n*** Using simulator. ***\n" spec)
    (apply tethered-serial-port spec)
    (printf "Connected ~a\n" spec)