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ZeroMQ integration with Racket 5.3.2 on Windows broken in FFI-lib

Reported by: william.cushing@… Owned by: jaymccarthy
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Component: jaymccarthy/zeromq.plt Keywords: zeromq ffi
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When I copy/paste the following code into DrRacket?, it fails to work on my box (64 bit windows). More specifically the FFI-lib is unable to find libzmq.dll.

#lang racket
# Weather update client
# Connects SUB socket to  tcp://localhost:5556
# Collects weather updates and finds avg temp in zipcode
(require (planet jaymccarthy/zeromq))

; Socket to talk to server
(define ctxt (context 1))
(define sock (socket ctxt 'SUB))

(printf "Collecting updates from weather server...\n")
(socket-connect! sock " tcp://localhost:5556")

; Subscribe to zipcode, default is NYC, 10001
(define filter

(command-line #:program "wuclient" #:args maybe-zip

(match maybe-zip

[(list zipcode) zipcode]
[(list) "10001"]
[else (error 'wuclient "Incorrect argument list")])))

(set-socket-option! sock 'SUBSCRIBE (string->bytes/utf-8 filter))

; Process 5 updates
(define how-many 5)
(define total-temp

(for/fold ([tot 0])

([i (in-range how-many)])
(match-define (regexp #rx"([0-9]+) (-?[0-9]+) ([0-9]+)" (list _ zipcode temp humid))

(socket-recv! sock))

(+ tot (string->number (bytes->string/utf-8 temp)))))

(printf "Average temperature for zipcode '~a' was ~a\n"

filter (/ total-temp how-many))

(context-close! ctxt)

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Where did you put libzmq.dll?

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