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Opened 11 years ago

Hello world doesn't compile

Reported by: james@… Owned by: dyoo
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: dyoo/js-vm.plt Keywords:
Cc: Version: (1 14)
Racket Version: 5.1.3


I tried compiling the basic hello-world tutorial from the docs and got a confusing error.

Here is the source of test.rkt:

#lang planet dyoo/js-vm:1:7
(printf "Hello, world!\n")
(check-expect (* 3 4 5) 60)
(image-url "http://racket-lang.org/logo.png")
(check-expect (big-bang 0
                        (on-tick add1 1)
                        (stop-when (lambda (x) (= x 10))))
"last line"

And the run.rkt which I try to run:

#lang racket
(require (planet "main.rkt" ("dyoo" "js-vm.plt" 1 14)))
(run-in-browser "test.rkt")

And the error I get:

../../.racket/planet/300/5.1.3/cache/dyoo/js-vm.plt/1/14/private/translate-bytecode-structs-5.1.rkt:311:36: match: wrong number for fields for structure internal:provided: expected 6 but got 7 in: (name src src-name nom-mod src-phase protected? insp)
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