base.plt(1 6)0.6bzlib

bzlib/base provides the common utilities that other bzlib packages depend on. Currently this package's interface might drastically change and will not be directly supported until it stablizes.

 date-tz.plt(1 1)0.2bzlib

bzlib/date-tz provides time-zone based date manipulation by parsing the olson database into native scheme objects, so you do not need to use the TZ environment variable.

 date.plt(1 3)0.4bzlib

bzlib/date added additional date manipulations on top of srfi/19, including finding dates by the nth weekday, etc.

 dbd-file.plt(1 1)0.2bzlib

bzlib/dbd-file provides a filesystem-based database with *mostly atomic* (not guaranteed on Windows) semantics.

bzlib/dbd-file is a non-SQL-based database driver.

Please see the home page for more details.

 dbd-jazmysql.plt(1 2)0.3bzlib

Wraps around jaz/mysql so it can be used with bzlib/dbi.

 dbd-jsqlite.plt(1 3)0.4bzlib

Wraps around jaymccarthy/sqlite so it can be used with bzlib/dbi.

Requires SQLITE >= 3.6 and jaymccarthy/sqlite >= 4.5.

 dbd-memcached.plt(1 1)0.1bzlib

bzlib/dbd-memcached interfaces with memcached, in either single instance or multi-instance (distributed hash store) mode

Please see the home page for more details.

 dbd-spgsql.plt(1 3)0.3bzlib

Wraps around SPGSQL so it can be used with bzlib/dbi.

Use PLT Scheme version > 4.0 as v4.0 has the Internal PLaneT error: trying to install already-installed package bug, which will prevent your SPGSQL installation.

 dbi.plt(1 3)0.4bzlib

bzlib/dbi provides abstraction over disparate database implementations. Inspired by Perl DBI.

 file.plt(1 2)0.3bzlib

bzlib/file provides utilities for manipulating files and paths, with focus on atomic file manipulations, simpler path manipulations, and simpler system call semantics.

 flexer.plt(1 1)0.2bzlib

bzlib/flexer provides FLEX/Flash Integration with SHP, so you can embed MXML and ActionScript directly into your SHP pages.

Please see the home page for more details.

 http.plt(1 0)0.1bzlib

bzlib/http provides abstraction over http manipulations, including a HTTP client (and in the future a HTTP server).

 jsmgr.plt(1 1)0.2bzlib

JSMGR: Javascript Manager is a real-time javascript and CSS compressor (via YUI Compressor) and script builder in one package.

You can use it as a servlet (included), or you can use it with SHPso you can customize your javascript download with little effort.

YUI Compressor is released under BSD by Yahoo! and is included for convenience.

YUI requires Java (verion >= 1.4) being installed in your system.

Please see home page for more details.

 mime.plt(1 0)0.1bzlib

bzlib/mime provides an extensible MIME API.

 net.plt(1 3)0.4bzlib

bzlib/net provides abstraction over basic internet protocol (application layer) manipulations, currently including header manipulation.

 os.plt(1 1)0.1bzlib

bzlib/os provides conditional expressions that depends on the (system-type 'os), including shorthand for windows, unix, macosx, as well as conditional requiring and providing modules.

Please see home page for documentations.

 parseq.plt(1 3)0.3bzlib

Inspired by Haskell's Parsec, bzlib/parsec provides a monadic parser combinator library that can handle both character and binary data parsing.

 planet.plt(1 0)(1 0)bzlib

bzlib/planet provides a planet proxy server for you to setup a local planet repositories.

 port.plt(1 2)0.3bzlib

bzlib/port provides utilities for creating specialized port helpers such as port filter, make-call-with-input-port, as well as utilities for gzipped files, encrypted files, and base64-encoded files.

 session.plt(1 1)0.2bzlib

bzlib/session provides a session store on top of bzlib/dbi, along with setup scripts for dbd-jazmysql, dbd-jsqlite, dbd-spgsql

 shp.plt(1 3)0.4bzlib

SHP is a PLT Scheme web framework that allows immediate page change without having to manually refreshing servlets, along with a file path-based web dispatcher so you can have "pretty urls".

It is a PHP/JSP-like web framework for PLT Scheme - think of it as JSP vs Java servlets to PLT web-server's servlets.

Please see for details and documentations.

 template.plt(1 0)0.1bzlib

bzlib/template provides string/file template abstractions. Currently provided a simplified version of inline quoted strings.

 thread.plt(1 0)0.1bzlib

THREAD provides erlang-style programming constructs for concurrency programming.

 unify.plt(1 0)0.1bzlib

bzlib/unify eliminates the syntactical difference between requiring a COLLECTS module and requiring a PLANET module. This is meant to be used for proposal discussion that hope to eventually remove the gaps in the core implementation.

 xml.plt(1 3)0.2bzlib

bzlib/xml provides XML utility to help converting bewteen xexpr and sxml, as well as helpers for reading and writing sxml and xexpr. It also provides a mechanism to manage XML and HTML entities.

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