SO31.plt(1 2)1.2wmfarrCode to manipulate four-dimensional Lorentz transformations (i.e. SO(3,1) group elements).
 amb.plt(1 0)1.0wmfarrThe classic ambiguous operator.
 array-ec.plt(1 0)1.0wmfarrSRFI-42 eager comprehensions and generators for SRFI-25 arrays.
 bh-tree.plt(1 0)1.0wmfarrCreate and manipulate Barnes-Hut octtrees.These trees are useful in N-Body simulations as an efficient datastructure for computing forces and potentials.
 deriv.plt(3 0)wmfarr

MzScheme language which extends numerical operations to allow for automatic differentiation.

 mzgsl.plt(3 0)wmfarrBindings to the GNU Scientific Library for MzScheme. See the Science collection for native MzScheme libraries which implement much of this functionality.
 nbody-ics.plt(1 0)1.0wmfarrInitial conditions for N-body simulations.Currently provides cold and hot (any ratio of KE/PE) constant-density spherical distributions and plummer models.
 pairing-heap.plt(1 0)1.0wmfarr

The pairing-heaps.plt package provides a unit for creating and manipulating pairing heaps. To learn more about pairing heaps, see the Wikipedia entry on pairing-heaps. The heaps created by this package are "persistent", meaning that operations like "insert" create a new heap which contains all the elemnts of the old heap plus those which have been inserted. Persistent datastructures are particularly useful for multi-threaded programs because no operations can alter a pre-existing heap (which can therefore be shared between multiple threads).

 permutations.plt(1 3)wmfarrGenerate and manipulate permutations.
 plt-linalg.plt(1 13)wmfarrSimple linear algebra operations in double-precision for PLT Scheme.Uses LAPACK and BLAS for operations
 simple-matrix.plt(1 1)wmfarrVery simple and basic matrix/vector operations and datastructures
 srfi-4-comprehensions.plt(1 1)1.0wmfarrSRFI-42 comprehensions and generators for SRFI-4 vectors

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