#lang setup/infotab
(define name "bzlib/date: extended date manipulations on top of srfi/19")

(define blurb
  '((p "bzlib/date added additional date manipulations on top of srfi/19, including finding dates by the nth weekday, etc.")))

(define release-notes
  '((p "0.4 (1 3) - added read-iso8601 & date->iso8601") 
    (p "0.3 (1 2) - exported string->date & date->string, modified rfc822 to use bzlib/parseq")
    (p "0.2 - added bindings for PLT dates as well as adding re-export for SRFI/19, and adding rfc822->date & date->rfc822, as well as adding day comparisons")
    (p "0.1 - first release")))

(define categories
  '(devtools net misc))

(define homepage "")

(define required-core-version "4.0")

(define version "0.4")

(define repositories '("4.x"))

(define primary-file "")