#lang setup/infotab
(define name "bzlib/dbd-file: driver wrapper for filesystem database and \"atomic\" file operations")

(define blurb
  '((p "bzlib/dbd-file provides a filesystem-based database with *mostly atomic* (not guaranteed on Windows) semantics.")
    (p "bzlib/dbd-file is a non-SQL-based database driver.")
    (p "Please see the home page for more details.")))

(define release-notes
  '((p "0.2 (1 1) - added open-port, mtime, and size method")
    (p "0.1 (1 0) - first release")))

(define categories
  '(devtools net misc))

(define homepage "")

(define required-core-version "4.0")

(define version "0.2")

(define repositories '("4.x"))

(define primary-file "")