#lang setup/infotab
(define name "bzlib/dbd-spgsql - Database Driver wrapper over schematics/spgsql.")

(define blurb
  '((p "Wraps around SPGSQL so it can be used with bzlib/dbi.")
    (p "Do not use with PLT 4.0 as 4.0 has the " 
       (a ((href ""))
          (i "Internal PLaneT error: trying to install already-installed package")) " bug.")))

(define release-notes
  '((p "0.3 (1 2) - export SimpleResult from spgsql, as well as provide additional drivers (spgsql/effect & spgsql/effect-set) that allows you to select between the type of side-effects."
       "  Furthermore - an connect attribute called #:t2s is introduced for you to pass in a method to translate between table to sequence names that can be used to gather the last-insert-id.")
    (p "0.2 (1 1) - now creates implicit stored procedure and no longer uses SQL escape")
    (p "0.1 (1 0) - first release")))

(define categories
  '(devtools net misc))

(define homepage "")

(define required-core-version "4.0")

(define version "0.3")

(define repositories '("4.x"))

(define primary-file "")