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Version: 4.1.3

9 Web Page Tools

 (require (planet cce/scheme:2:0/web))

This module provides tools for programmatic creation of static web pages. It is based on the XML collection; see documentation for xexpr?.

css/c : flat-contract?
(css? v)  boolean?
  v : any/c

This contract and predicate pair recognizes CSS-expressions, which are described by the following grammar:

  css = (list style ...)
  style-def = (cons selector (list property ...))
  property = (list name value)
  selector = text
  name = text
  value = text

Here, text is any of the Text Representations described above.

xexpr/c : flat-contract?

This flat contract corresponds to xexpr?.

(write-css css [out])  void?
  css : css/c
  out : output-port? = (current-output-port)
(write-xexpr css [out])  void?
  css : css/c
  out : output-port? = (current-output-port)

These functions write CSS-expressions and X-expressions, respectively, to output ports, by their canonical text representations.

(create-stylesheet file css)  void?
  file : path-string?
  css : css/c
(create-webpage file xexpr)  void?
  file : path-string?
  xexpr : xexpr/c

These functions write style sheets (represented as CSS-expressions) or webpages (represented as X-expressions) to files.