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5 Module Imports and Exports

 (require (planet cce/scheme:4:0/require-provide))

This module provides tools for managing the imports and exports of modules.

(require/provide module-path ...)

Re-exports all bindings provided by each module-path. Equivalent to:

  (require module-path ...)
  (provide (all-from-out module-path ...))

(define-planet-package name package)

Defines a shortcut name for importing modules from planet package package. Subsequently, (name module) is equivalent to (planet package/module) as a require path. For instance, to import the text and web modules from this package:

  (define-planet-package my-package cce/scheme)
  (require (my-package web) (my-package text))

The above require is equivalent to:

  (require (planet cce/scheme/web) (planet cce/scheme/text))

(quote-require require-spec ...)

Produces the names exported by the require-specs as a list of symbols.


  > (quote-require scheme/bool scheme/function)

  (true false symbol=? false? boolean=? negate curryr curry)