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cl Get Platform IDs
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1.2.1 Querying Platform Info

 (require (planet jaymccarthy/opencl:3:1/c/4-1))
(clGetPlatformIDs:count)  _cl_uint/c
Returns how many results clGetPlatformIDs may return for these arguments.
(clGetPlatformIDs how-many)
_cl_platform_id_vector/c _cl_uint/c
  how-many : _cl_uint/c
Returns the minimum of how-many and how-many-possible values in rets.
(clGetPlatformIDs:vector)  _cl_platform_id_vector/c
Returns all possible results from clGetPlatformIDs using clGetPlatformIDs:count to extract the number available.
clGetPlatformInfo : procedure?
A dummy Scheme function that refers callers to the other clGetPlatformInfo-based functions which access the true C function.
(clGetPlatformInfo:length platform    
  param_name)  _size_t/c
  platform : _cl_platform_id/null/c
  param_name : _cl_platform_info/c
Returns the size of param_name field of the argument(s). Calls clGetPlatformInfo with values for param_value_size and param_value such that param_value_size_ret is queried.
(clGetPlatformInfo:_char* platform    
  param_value_size)  bytes?
  platform : _cl_platform_id/null/c
  param_name : _cl_platform_info/c
  param_value_size : _size_t/c
Returns the value associated with param_name for the argument(s). Implemented by clGetPlatformInfo with param_value_size passed explicitly. Uses clGetPlatformInfo:length to find the maximum value. Valid param_names are '(CL_PLATFORM_PROFILE CL_PLATFORM_VERSION CL_PLATFORM_NAME CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR CL_PLATFORM_EXTENSIONS).
clGetPlatformInfo/c : contract?
A contract for the return values of clGetPlatformInfo:generic. Its definition is: (or/c bytes?).
(clGetPlatformInfo:generic platform    
  param_name)  clGetPlatformInfo/c
  platform : _cl_platform_id/null/c
  param_name : _cl_platform_info/c
Returns the value associated with param_name for the argument(s). Selects the appropriate clGetPlatformInfo-based function to extract the appropriate value, automatically providing the right length for variable length functions.