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1 URLs

 (require (planet "url.ss" ("murphy" "websockets.plt" 1 0)))
This module provides convenient accessors for URL structures that represent WebSocket URLs. It also reexports all URL structure functionality and the url->string and string->url procedures.

(ws-url? v)  any
  v : any/c
Checks whether the given value is a WebSocket URL. The result is #t iff v is a url structure, has the scheme "ws" or "wss", is absolute and contains no fragment.

(ws-url-secure? url)  any
  url : ws-url?
Checks whether the given WebSocket URL specifies a secure connection.

(ws-url-default-port url)  natural-number/c
  url : ws-url?
Determines the default TCP port that would be used to connect to the given WebSocket url if it contained no explicitly specified port number.

(ws-url-port url)  natural-number/c
  url : ws-url?
Determines the TCP port that should be used to connect to the given WebSocket url.

(ws-url-resource url)  string?
  url : ws-url?
Extracts the resource part of the given WebSocket url as a string.