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run-tests/ pause

4 Miscellaneous procedures

(current-delirium-delay)  (U natural? 'keypress #f)
(current-delirium-delay delay)  void?
  delay : (U natural? 'keypress #f)
Delays all browser commands by the specified number of seconds. Setting the value to the symbol 'keypress delays until the Enter key is pressed (watch out for the 30 second timeout/retry on AJAX requests in many popular browsers).

(run-tests/pause test)  integer?
  test : schemeunit-test?
Version of Schemeunit.plt’s run-tests procedure that pauses after each failed test and asks you if you wish to continue running tests. This is useful as it allows you to inspect the state of the web page at the point of failure to see what went wrong.

(schemeunit-test? test)  boolean
  test : any
Predicate that returns #t if test is either a SchemeUnit test suite or test case, and #f otherwise.