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11 Parameter utilities

 (require (planet untyped/unlib/parameter))

Convenience forms for working with parameters.

(make-guard pred type-message)  (any -> any)

  pred : (any -> boolean?)

  type-message : string?

Creates a procedure that may be used as a parameter’s guard procedure. The guard only allows values for which pred returns #t. If an invalid value is supplied, the guard raises exn:fail:contract with an error message based on the supplied type-message.

make-guard has been superseded by the parameter/c contract in PLT 4.


  > (define param

      (make-parameter #f (make-guard integer+false? "(U integer #f)")))

  > (param 1)

  > (param #f)

  > (param #t)

  Expected (U integer #f), received #t

(define-parameter id initial-value guard-proc with-form-id)

Convenience form that expands into two definitions:


  > (define-parameter foo


      (make-guard integer+false? "(U integer #f)")


  > (with-foo 10 (foo))


  > (with-foo "bar" 10)

  Expected (U integer #f), received "bar"