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make-hash-table/ pairs


8 PLT 3x hash utilities

 (require (planet untyped/unlib/hash-table))

Useful hash utilities. These procedures are compatible with the PLT 3 / mzscheme language procedure names for hashes.

(make-hash-table/pairs data ...)  hash-table?

  data : pair

Creates a hash table from the supplied data. The result has strong keys and uses equal? as a key comparison function.

(hash-table-mapped? hash key)  boolean?

  hash : hash?

  key : any

Returns #t if key is stored in hash, #f otherwise.

(hash-table-keys hash)  list?

  hash : hash?

Returns a (randomly ordered) list of the keys stored in hash.

(hash-table-values hash)  list?

  hash : hash?

Returns a (randomly ordered) list of the values stored in hash.