1 Exception utilities
2 Number utilities
3 String utilities
4 Bytes utilities
5 Symbol utilities
6 List utilities
7 PLT 4x hash utilities
8 PLT 3x hash utilities
9 URL utilities
10 Contract utilities
11 File and path utilities
12 Parameter utilities
13 Syntax utilities
14 SRFI19 time utilities
15 Scribble utilities
16 Generators
17 Generators (short names)
18 Pipelines
19 Write-through cache
20 Yieldable procedures
21 Debugging tools
22 Profiling tools
23 Logging tools


Unlib v3

Dave Gurnell, Noel Welsh and Matt Jadud

{dave, noel, matt} at untyped

Unlib is a collection of general utilities for programming applications in PLT Scheme. At Untyped we mostly write web software, so expect to find useful utilities for that kind of thing.

Unlib contains a few more modules than listed here. There are several experimental libraries that we developed in the past that have been superseded or partially retired. Expect anything not documented here to change or disappear in the future.