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Unable to get static files to serve with (1 8) version

Reported by: vegashacker Owned by: untyped
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Component: untyped/dispatch.plt Keywords:
Cc: Version: (1 8)
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I've created as simple a test project as I could to reproduce the problem. In the code below, as is, you'll see a "Controller not found" error when you navigate to  http://localhost:8765/baz.html. But, change the two "8"s at the top to "7"s, and baz.html will load just fine.

Setup: inside some directory have foo.ss (shown below) and htdocs/baz.html (which can be just some test string). Run mzscheme (I'm on, and then (load "foo.ss").

(require web-server/http
         (planet untyped/dispatch:1:=8)
         (planet untyped/dispatch:1:=8/response))

(define-site my-site
  ([(url "/") home]))

(define-controller (home req)

(serve/servlet (lambda (req) (dispatch req my-site))
               #:servlet-regexp #rx""
               #:servlet-path "/"
               #:port 8765
               #:file-not-found-responder make-not-found-response
               #:server-root-path (build-path ".")
               #:command-line? #t
               #:launch-browser? #f)

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For some reason version 1.8 contained an outdated copy of site.ss. Fixed in version 1.10.

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