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you know me doing a bench press

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you know me doing a bench press or a pull-up worry climbing tree exam I'm trine see my life right there’s really no difference %uh knows some in a stressful environment any needs to get better at adapting so it gets really good at its my thrifty genes are cynical thrifty jeans get com they  Turbo Force get activated in those thrifty jeans just get really get its Trina carbohydrate where it needs tube in the muscles in the liver so it’s ready for the next performance it's ready for the next exercise bout and that of course because we need all the carbohydrate there we want to keep our blood sugar low and stable and we were really be good at turning fat because we all need fat see our lives when it comes to climbing a tree or running away from predator we needed fact for our major energy source number at rest and so you know 15 minutes a day I'm burning I'm burning up cards but the other 23 hours and 45 minutes for that day I'm burning fat and I youknow that's really the sweet spot that's where you want to be yeah I'll not long ago.

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