SET.plt(1 0)jaymccarthySET
 blogue.plt(1 2)jaymccarthyblogging tool like early blosxom
 delim-control.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyGeneric implementation of all four delimited control operators
 fortunedb.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyFortune Database
 fs-persist.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyfs-persist
 grid.plt(1 2)jaymccarthyManaging your life is good for you.
 hash-store.plt(1 4)jaymccarthyStores bytes by SHA1 hash.
 hmac-sha1.plt(1 1)jaymccarthyHMAC-SHA1
 ical.plt(1 2)jaymccarthyReads and writes iCal/vCal files
 javascript.plt(1 2)jaymccarthyJavascript s-expression syntax
 mbform.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyMulti-button form abstraction
 memcached.plt(1 0)jaymccarthy[no description available]
 meta-q.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyMeta-Q implementation for PLT strings
 mmss.plt(1 1)jaymccarthyJay McCarthy's collection of Scheme procedures.
 prefix.plt(1 1)jaymccarthyTests students with regards to the use of prefix notation.
 rsitunes.plt(1 1)jaymccarthyHelps you use iTunes to care for your RSI.
 sql-oo.plt(2 0)jaymccarthyAllows persistent objects in an SQL database. (Currently only works with SQLite.)
 sqlite.plt(3 1)jaymccarthyAllows access to SQLite databases.
 trie.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyFinite maps as big-endian binary tries
 url-param.plt(2 0)jaymccarthyStores Web cells in URLs
 with-bindings.plt(1 2)jaymccarthyA convenient syntax for servlets.
 wtk.plt(1 8)jaymccarthySome web components
 yppdb.plt(2 1)jaymccarthyOrganizes your paper collection.
 zipper.plt(1 0)jaymccarthyZipper-like functions.

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Unable to create unique indices
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ZeroMQ integration with Racket 5.3.2 on Windows broken in FFI-lib