benchmark.plt(2 2)schematicsA SchemeUnit extension for timing code execution times
 instaweb.plt(4 0)schematics

Automatically setup and run your servlets in the web-server

 macro.plt(1 2)1.2schematicsA library of macros that implement common patterns.
 namespace.plt(1 0)1.0schematicsA library of useful procedures on namespaces
 password.plt(1 0)1.0schematicsA library of functions to generate passwords.
 port.plt(1 3)schematicsA library of functions that operate on ports.
 random.plt(1 0)1schematicsFunctions to produce random numbers of various distribtions. The library uses the SRFI-27 approach. Random permuations are also provided
 sake.plt(1 0)schematics

Sake automates building your PLT Scheme projects

 schemeunit.plt(3 5)schematicsSchemeUnit is a unit testing framework based on the Extreme Programming unit test frameworks
 si.plt(1 0)1.0schematicsSimple Improvement is an addition to SchemeUnit that provides feedback on the efficiency of the development process
 spgsql.plt(2 3)5.3schematicsThe spgsql library provides classes, datatypes, and procedures useful for connecting to a PostgreSQL database server over TCP.
 xmlrpc.plt(4 0)2.0schematicsImplementation of the XML-RPC protocol.

 Open tickets
Ticket IdComponentReporterTypeVersion
147schematics/xmlrpc.pltgoetter@…defect(4 0)
Planet breakage? Some surprising dependencies from xmlrpc.plt
156schematics/schemeunit.pltpnkfelix@…task(3 4)
test-suite semantics change makes my code infinite loop
160schematics/schemeunit.pltschematicsenhancement(3 4)
Port to typed-scheme
SchemeUnit checks for syntax errors
197schematics/sake.pltgmarceau@…defect(3 16)
Warnings and a crash while installing on Windows
210schematics/port.pltsamth@…defect(1 3)
Fails to compile with 4.2.2
211schematics/password.pltSam THdefect(1 0)
Depends on Schemeunit 1:2, which doesn't compile
219schematics/benchmark.pltSam THdefect(2 1)
error on require