insert-large-letters.plt(1 0)0.0.1spdegabriellecopied/moved from DrRacket.
 mail-parse.plt(3 1)1.1spdegabrielleParse an email, or a stream of emails, into a simple structure
 nhs.plt(1 0)0.1 alphaspdegabrielleValidates or generates the check-digit or an NHS number. Only useful for health systems in the UK
 packer.plt(1 1)0.1spdegabrielleDrScheme GUI tool to make a and automatically generate a .plt file for upload to PLaneT.Check the file menu for the Pack .PLT menu item.
 projectmgr.plt(1 1)0.0.3spdegabrielleProjectsMgr saves your project state, and reloads that state on request. Includes Save/Load Tabs.
 projects-project.plt(1 4)0.0.2spdegabriellemoved to ProjectMgr
 table-snip.plt(1 0)0.1spdegabrielleA MrEd snip for tabular data. /n just supply a table as a list of rows, with all the rows the same length(it doesn't check your table)
 valet.plt(1 0)0.0.1spdegabrielleValet packs your planet packages for you.

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note that you need to restart DrScheme after (require ...)-ing the projectmgr