animated-canvas.plt(2 5)williamsThis library provides an animated-canvas% class that specializes the Gracket canvas% class to provide a simple double-buffered animation capability in Racket. Two demonstration programs are also provided.
 describe.plt(1 5)williamsThis library provides routines to describe Racket objects.
 diff.plt(1 0)williamsThis package provides a simple diff-like capability in Racket. This includes diffs of arbitrary lists or of text files. It also includes an implementation of the longest common subsequence (LCS) algorithm, which is the basis of the diff algorithm.
 inference.plt(2 8)williamsImplements a rule-based inference engine that supports both forward (data-driven) and backward (goal-driven) chaining.
 packed-binary.plt(1 5)williamsPerforms conversions between Racket values and C structs represented as byte strings. It also provides read and write routines to perform these conversions directly to/from binary files.
 science.plt(4 8)williamsA collection of modules that provide functions for numerical computing.
 simulation.plt(3 5)williamsImplements an integrated discrete-event and continuous simulation engine.
 table-panel.plt(1 2)williamsThis library provides a table-panel% class that specializes the MrEd panel% class to provide a panel that aligns its children to a grid. A simple demonstration program is also provided.
 uuid.plt(1 3)williamsProvides immutable Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) as defined in RFC 4122. Functions for constructing time-based (type 1), name-based using MD5 hashing (type 3), (pseudo-)random (type 4), and name-based using SHA-1 hashing (type 5) are provided.

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