C Metaprogramming Utilities

by Dave Herman (dherman at ccs dot neu dot edu)

This package provides utilities for manipulating C programs, including a library for extracting binary layout information from header files for use with the foreign library – see FFI: PLT Scheme Foreign Interface.

For license information, please see the file COPYING.LIB.

    1 C Metaprogramming Utilities

      1.1 Getting Started

      1.2 Libraries Provided by this Package

      1.3 Known Limitations

      1.4 Feedback and Bug Reports

      1.5 History

    2 C Syntax

      2.1 Expressions

      2.2 Declarations

      2.3 Types

      2.4 Utility Functions

      2.5 S-Expression Syntax

      2.6 Parsing

      2.7 C Reader

    3 Header Compilation

      3.1 Headers

      3.2 Compilation

      3.3 Layouts

      3.4 Abstract Binary Interfaces (ABI’s)

    4 Evaluation

      4.1 External Processes

      4.2 GCC