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1.1 Getting Started
1.2 Libraries Provided by this Package
1.3 Known Limitations
1.4 Feedback and Bug Reports
1.5 History

1 C Metaprogramming Utilities

This package provides utilities for manipulating C programs.

1.1 Getting Started

The easiest way to get started using the C metaprogramming utilities is with the main module:

 (require (planet dherman/c:2:1))

This module provides everything in the entire package. Subsequent sections of this manual describe the functionality of the individual libraries included, which can also be required individually.


  > (define time.h
       (struct tm ([int tm_sec]
                   [int tm_min]
                   [int tm_hour]
                   [int tm_mday]
                   [int tm_mon]
                   [int tm_year]
                   [int tm_wday]
                   [int tm_yday]
                   [int tm_isdst]))))
  > (define time
      (compile-header time.h
                      (system-compiler #:include<> '("time.h") gcc)))
  > (layout-offset (time 'tm) 'tm_year)


1.2 Libraries Provided by this Package

This package includes:

1.3 Known Limitations

The parser does not recognize the C preprocessor. I may attempt to implement the preprocessor in the future, but there’s no guarantee at this point.

There is one major known bug in the parser: it does not currently recognize the production




DeclarationSpecifiers AbstractDeclarator

This production causes a single shift/reduce conflict that I still have to track down.

The grammar does not support any extensions for GCC, MSVC, or any other specific C implementations. I intend to add support for these extensions on a by-need basis. Specific requests (as well as patches) are welcome.

External compilation is currently limited to GCC. I intend to add support for additional compilers on a by-need basis; patches are welcome.

1.4 Feedback and Bug Reports

Before sending feedback or bug reports, please consult the current set of registered issues. If you cannot find your issue there, feel free to file a new bug report in the online issue database.

Any other feedback may be emailed to me, Dave Herman, at dherman@ccs.neu.edu.

1.5 History