Super C

Jay McCarthy <>

This package provides a language for writing integrated C and Scheme.

There is an example in the source of this package in the "examples" directory.

A Super C program has two portions: Scheme code and C code. A Super C program starts with a Scheme program where this-lib is bound to the FFI library (returned by ffi-lib) compiled from the C portion. A line that matches the regular expression #rx"^@-*@$" separates the two portions. The C portion follows and compiled and linked by GCC with the following flags:

  gcc -m32 -c c-source -o object-file

  gcc -m32 -dynamiclib -o dylib-file -dylib object-file

Warning: Super C is unsafe by nature and only supports Mac OS X with Developer Tools. Additionally, I have not figured out the best way to pass arguments to the compiler, so some obvious C programs cannot be implemented.