MySQL Client Library: Accessing MySQL Databases over TCP

Jon Zeppieri

The MySQL Client Library provides an interface for connecting to, querying, and updating MySQL databases. It does not depend upon any locally installed drivers. Rather it implements the MySQL client/server network protocol. All database connections are established via TCP and may optionally be tunelled through SSL, provided the database server supports SSL connections and the OpenSSL libraries are available on the client.

    1 MySQL API

      1.1 Database Connections

      1.2 Basic Queries and Query Results

        1.2.1 Basic Queries

        1.2.2 Query Results

 Result Sets

 Side Effects

      1.3 Prepared Statements

      1.4 Query Catamorphisms

      1.5 MySQL → Scheme Type Mapping

        1.5.1 SQL NULL

        1.5.2 Precision of Real Numbers in Prepared Statements

        1.5.3 Dates

        1.5.4 Times

        1.5.5 Character Encoding

      1.6 An Important Note on BLOBs

    2 SQL Formatting Utility