Version: 4.2.2

Lazy Source Documenting and Package Building

Laurent Orseau

 (require (planet orseau/lazy-doc:1:0))

This package provides tools (see Package Utilities) to easily create and document PLaneT packages. It uses the Scribble Definition Parser, built upon a general Simple Text Parser, which can be used for many simple parsing/lexing tasks.

See A Simple Example for a gentle introduction.

    1 A Simple Example

    2 Package Utilities

    3 Scribble Definition Parser

      3.1 In-Source Documenting

        3.1.1 Documenting Modules

        3.1.2 Documenting Definitions

        3.1.3 Contracts

        3.1.4 Conventions

        3.1.5 Writing Examples

      3.2 Definitions

    4 Simple Text Parser

      4.1 Priorities

      4.2 Main Functions

      4.3 Matchers

      4.4 Actions

      4.5 Examples

    5 Common Scheme Utilities

      5.1 Lists

      5.2 Functions and Applications

      5.3 Vectors

      5.4 Strings

      5.5 Files and Directories

      5.6 Classes and Objects