and .


22:56 Ticket #124 (rename require.ss to main.ss) created by dougorleans@…
If you rename require.ss to main.ss, then one could require this package …


14:41 Ticket #123 (deprecate the S-expression syntax?) created by dherman
The prefab AST's sort of seem to obviate the S-expression syntax. They're …
14:20 Ticket #122 (coverage for compiler tests) created by dherman
Need tests for all the clauses in the compiler.
13:32 Ticket #121 (test infrastructure for different compilation modes) created by dherman
Need to be able to test module evaluation, script evaluation, and …
10:40 Ticket #120 (binding arrows in DrScheme broken) created by dherman
All the mucking with the implementation of variable binding has broken the …


03:45 Ticket #119 (Missing Scribble Sources) closed by untyped
I'd put the Scribble sources in a directory called "doc", which is a …


10:03 Ticket #119 (Missing Scribble Sources) created by murphy
Version (1 3) of the mirrors.plt package doesn't contain the Scribble …


11:24 Ticket #118 (What does "restart" actually do?) closed by vegashacker
I somehow dupe-created this bug. See #117 for the real thing.
11:23 Ticket #118 (What does "restart" actually do?) created by vegashacker
Submitted by Jean: "restart doesn't seem to restart the server"
11:23 Ticket #117 (What does "restart" actually do?) created by vegashacker
Submitted by Jean: "restart doesn't seem to restart the server"
11:22 Ticket #116 (long startup time) created by vegashacker
Submitted be Jean: "server is very long to start (around 1 mn)"


11:38 Ticket #115 (represent JS booleans as Scheme booleans) created by dherman
Should use #t and #f for the booleans. This will mean: * …
11:34 Ticket #114 (Doc warnings) created by samth@…
setup-plt: WARNING: undefined tag in …


16:09 Ticket #113 (implement completion values tail-recursively) created by dherman
The current implementation of completion values works by wrapping …
10:07 Ticket #112 (implement modules) created by dherman
Implement a #lang module language that supports imports and exports …


11:37 Ticket #111 (Scribble Build Error on Linux) closed by williams
There were several instances where the case of a filename reference was …


23:27 Ticket #111 (Scribble Build Error on Linux) created by williams
The Scribble documentation fails to build under Linux because of a case …
15:19 Ticket #110 (fix representation of arrays) closed by dherman
No, it actually seems pretty good. I've started a set of array tests, …
13:09 Ticket #110 (fix representation of arrays) created by anonymous
I'm pretty sure the representation of arrays is broken. This needs to be …
07:56 Ticket #109 (Incompatible with PLT 4.0) created by untyped
There are a couple of uses of set-cdr! in there. -- Dave Gurnell


16:00 Ticket #108 (allow #lang line) created by dherman
Should allow a #lang line at the beginning to be compatible with the …
15:59 Ticket #107 (bug when treating primitives as objects) created by dherman
"a".length {{{error: object-properties: expects argument of type …
15:58 Ticket #106 (implement Array library) created by dherman
The Array library is pretty essential! Do this soon.


14:12 Ticket #50 (direct eval should inherit lexical environment) closed by dherman
Fixed in 7:5.
14:12 Ticket #51 (direct eval should allow introducing bindings) closed by dherman
Fixed in 7:5.
14:12 Ticket #97 (refactor implementation of environments) closed by dherman
Done in 7:5.
14:12 Ticket #100 (mutating with-bindings doesn't stick) closed by dherman
Fixed in 7:5.


11:18 Ticket #103 (Incompatible file path separators in the documentation) closed by williams
Fixed in version 3.2.


17:43 Ticket #105 (RSS Feed) created by zitterbewegung@…
Add rss feed support for Leftparen.
15:55 Ticket #104 (setup fails on hash store; hash-store.plt/1/4/hash-store.ss:9:3: expand: ...) created by spdegabrielle@…
for jaymccarthy > hash-store.plt > package version 1.4 --- #lang …
09:11 Ticket #103 (Incompatible file path separators in the documentation) created by murphy
The file scribblings/special-functions.scrbl in the science.plt …


12:01 Ticket #102 (server doesn't run (libcrypto error, etc)) created by vegashacker
Reported via email: The server doesn't run: when I tried running the …
11:59 Ticket #101 (wrong MzScheme binary issue; make the start script more robust!) created by vegashacker
Reported to me via email: wrong MzScheme? binary: difficult to fix/not …


22:30 Ticket #100 (mutating with-bindings doesn't stick) created by dherman
[…] Should print true, but prints false currently.


22:23 Ticket #99 (add an expansion phase to the compiler) created by dherman
Everything that can be defined via desugaring should be implemented as a …
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