and .


12:30 Ticket #166 (list-length would be nice and a sequence interface) created by jaymccarthy
11:52 Ticket #165 (Pressing unicode in command mode causes insertion) created by jaymccarthy
In command mode on OS X, press Alt-A... and å is inserted into the buffer
11:49 Ticket #164 (Pressing end causes error) created by jaymccarthy
Press end on your keyboard keymap: no function "dive:end" === context …
11:02 Ticket #162 (Contracts not working or documentation incorrect) closed by jaymccarthy
Replying to erast: You are using version 3 of the package, …
10:03 Ticket #163 (save all button) closed by spdegabrielle
Replying to martindemello@gmail.com: > would be handy to have …
00:56 Ticket #163 (save all button) created by martindemello@…
would be handy to have a 'save all open tabs' button


15:32 Ticket #162 (Contracts not working or documentation incorrect) created by erast
Either I'm systematically doing something wrong, the documentation is not …


19:12 Ticket #86 (drocaml does not seem to work fully with DrScheme 4.x) closed by abromfie
I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Actually, I didn't know …


07:25 Ticket #161 (loading this package fails) created by robby
The file interfaces/mred.ss contains a require of "../class.ss" but there …


08:10 Ticket #160 (Port to typed-scheme) created by schematics
Rewrite the core of SchemeUnit? in Typed Scheme.
05:10 Ticket #157 (Email address incorrect in documentation) closed by schematics
Fixed in svn.


16:38 Ticket #159 (Necesito Package PLAI) created by anonymous
Por Fa vor


21:29 Ticket #155 (Incorrect rendering of case clauses) closed by dherman
Fixed in 9:1. Thanks, Dave.
21:06 Ticket #158 (Feature request: lang/this-package) created by dherman
I need to be able to document PLT languages with planet module paths. I …
17:12 Ticket #157 (Email address incorrect in documentation) created by noelwelsh@…
Noel's email address is incorrect in the documentation (Noel at GMail …


23:29 Ticket #156 (test-suite semantics change makes my code infinite loop) created by pnkfelix@…
I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out why my Intel laptop was …


07:14 Ticket #155 (Incorrect rendering of case clauses) created by untyped
Hi Dave, JS.plt misses the "default:" and "case x:" bits when it's …


17:33 Ticket #153 (doc build problem) closed by cce
fixed in release 8.2 (converted to defproc)
16:58 Ticket #154 (schememodlang/this-package + defmodulelang/this-package) created by anonymous
These would be nice


10:32 Ticket #152 (SchemeUnit doc linking) closed by schematics
Fixed in the 3.4 release. Thanks.
07:47 Ticket #153 (doc build problem) created by mflatt
refereces/acl2/arithmetic.scrbl has @defform[(ifix [x t]) t] which …
07:32 Ticket #152 (SchemeUnit doc linking) created by mflatt
When SchemeUnit? is installed, there are lots of broken links to the …
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