bencode.plt(2 0)neilbencode: BitTorrent Bencode Decoding
 ccnum.plt(2 0)neilccnum: Credit Card Number Utilities
 charterm.plt(3 1)neilCharTerm: Character-cell Terminal Interface
 cpuinfo.plt(1 1)neilCPU Information
 csv.plt(2 0)neilcsv: Comma-Separated Value (CSV) Utilities in Scheme
 gdbdump.plt(1 0)neilgdbdump: GDB-based Native Thread Backtrace Dumps for Racket
 hostname.plt(1 2)neilhostname: Getting Hostname, FQDN, and IP Addresses
 html-parsing.plt(3 0)neilhtml-parsing: Permissive Parsing of HTML to SXML/xexp
 html-template.plt(2 2)neilhtml-template: HTML Writing Template Language based on SXML/xexp
 html-writing.plt(2 0)neilhtml-writing: Writing HTML from SXML/xexp
 htmlprag.plt(1 7)0.20neilHtmlPrag: Pragmatic Parsing and Emitting of HTML using SXML and SHTML
 json-parsing.plt(2 0)neiljson-parsing: JSON Parsing, Folding, and Conversion
 kitco.plt(1 1)neilKitco Precious Metals Market Info. Access
 levenshtein.plt(1 3)0.6neillevenshtein.scm: Levenshtein Distance Metric in Scheme
 linux-proc-apm.plt(1 0)0.2neillinux-proc-apm.scm: Linux /proc/apm APM Data Access in Scheme
 mcfly-tools.plt(1 12)neilMcFly Developer Tools
 mcfly.plt(1 3)neilMcFly Runtime: Embedded Package Documentation
 mediafile.plt(1 0)neilmediafile: Media File Metadata Utilities
 numformat.plt(1 0)0.1neilnumformat: Sketchy Number Formatting
 numspell.plt(1 2)0.3neilnumspell.scm: Spelling Numbers as English in Scheme
 overeasy.plt(3 2)neilOvereasy: Racket Language Test Engine
 parted.plt(1 0)neilInterface to GNU Parted Disk Partition Utility
 path-misc.plt(1 0)neilpath-misc: Misc. Path Utilities
 postnet-planet.plt(1 1)0.4neilpostnet.scm: USPS POSTNET Barcode Encoding in Scheme
 postnet.plt(1 0)0.3neilpostnet: USPS POSTNET Barcode Encoding in Scheme
 progedit.plt(1 3)neilProgrammatic File Editing
 protobj.plt(1 2)0.4neilProtobj: Prototype-Delegation Object Model in Scheme
 rackonsole.plt(1 0)neilRackonsole: Lightweight Operator Console for Racket Server Processes
 rackout.plt(1 0)neilRackOut: Living Room Appliance
 randtok.plt(1 0)0.1neilrandtok: Random Token String Generation
 rfc3339.plt(1 1)0.3neilrfc3339.scm: RFC3339 Date and Time Format in Scheme
 roomba.plt(1 4)neiliRobot Roomba/Create Interface
 scgi.plt(2 4)neilscgi: Web HTTP SCGI and CGI
 scribble-emacs.plt(1 4)0.5neilEmacs editing mode for Scribble files
 shootout.plt(1 1)0.2neilshootout: Expression Performance Comparison
 sicp.plt(1 18)neilSICP Support for DrRacket
 soundex.plt(2 0)neilsoundex: Soundex Index Keying in Scheme
 srfi-9-plus.plt(1 1)0.2neilsrfi-9-plus: Enhanced define-record-type
 sudo.plt(1 1)neilSudo Command Processes
 tabexpand.plt(1 1)0.3neiltabexpand.scm: Tab Character Expansion in Scheme
 testeez.plt(1 3)0.5neilTesteez: Lightweight Unit Test Mechanism for Scheme
 uri.plt(2 0)neiluri: Web Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI and URL)
 vlc.plt(1 5)neilvlc: VideoLAN VLC Media Player Control in Racket
 web-server-xexp.plt(1 0)neilSXML/xexp Support for Racket Web Server
 webscraperhelper.plt(1 2)0.5neilWebScraperHelper: Simple Generation of SXPath Queries from SXML Examples
 xexp.plt(2 1)neilxexp: SXML/xexp Representation of XML and HTML

 Open tickets
Ticket IdComponentReporterTypeVersion
319neil/sicp.pltbsniffen@…enhancement(1 13)
current-print is inactive
370neil/html-writing.pltryancdefect(1 0)
writing comment inserts extra spaces
427neil/csv.pltebellani@…defect(1 7)
Subquotes break the csv-reader
434neil/sicp.pltozzloydefect(1 16)
install complains
450neil/charterm.pltzarcherdefect(3 0)
stty on mac doesn't support -F
467neil/csv.pltclements@…defect(2 0)
Doc bug in csv->list applied to a string
490neil/csv.pltsimon.haines@…defect(2 0)
Unable to install
507neil/scribble-emacs.plthighfly22@…defect(1 2)
Font lock doesn't work for subsubsubsection
1790neil/charterm.pltb2couttsdefect(3 1)
charterm event not ready when bytes are available
1791neil/charterm.pltb2couttsdefect(3 1)
charterm event not ready when bytes are available
1792neil/charterm.pltb2couttsdefect(3 1)
charterm event not ready when bytes are available
1802neil/scribble-emacs.pltjhemanndefect(1 3)
Scribble Emacs Mode Installation Issue.
95neil/csv.pltyinso.chen@…enhancement(1 2)
make a csv-reader that takes in an input-port
309neil/htmlprag.pltanonymousdefect(99 99)
Parsing bug discovered
1803neil/scribble-emacs.pltjhemannenhancement(1 3)
Have you thought about moving this to MELPA? (EOM)