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3.8 History

_fs-history : ctype?
_fs-history/null : ctype?

C pointer type representing file system history objects. A history object represents some event when a file system node is modified or copied, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the node’s contents or properties change with every history event.

(fs-history? obj)  any
  obj : any/c

Checks whether the given obj is a file system history object.

(fs-node-history root path)  fs-history?
  root : fs-root?
  path : path-string?

Retrieves a history object for the node at path below root.

(fs-history-prev history cross-copies?)  (or/c fs-history? #f)
  history : fs-history?
  cross-copies? : any/c

Retrieves the next elder history object preceding history. If cross-copies? is not #f, the history chain is followed across copy events.

When fs-history-prev is called for the first time on a return value of fs-node-history, it may return an object equivalent to the one that was passed in, in case that object itself represents an interesting history event.

(fs-history-location history)
exact-nonnegative-integer? path?
  history : fs-history?

Retrieves the revision number and the path of the given history event.