1 Apache Portable Runtime Support

      1.1 Error Handling

      1.2 Memory Pools

      1.3 Arrays

      1.4 Hashtables

      1.5 Time

    2 Subversion Support

      2.1 Error Handling

      2.2 Strings

      2.3 Streams

      2.4 UUID Generation

    3 Subversion File System

      3.1 Filesystems

      3.2 Access Contexts

      3.3 Revisions

      3.4 Locks

      3.5 Transactions

      3.6 Filesystem Roots

      3.7 Nodes

      3.8 History

      3.9 Node Contents

    4 License

 (require (planet "" ("murphy" "svn.plt" 1 0)))

A binding to the Subversion C API. Currently only the versioned file system facilities are available through the binding.

The main module re-exports various bindings from the other parts of the library:

All safe functions exported from this library create their own memory pool as a child of the current pool if they need one. Manual pool management is never necessary.