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Version: 4.2.2

2 Package Utilities

 (require (planet orseau/lazy-doc:1:6/package))

This module provides definitions to easily create PLaneT packages along with their documentation (using the automatic scribble parser, see Scribble Definition Parser).

All the functions of this module are meant to be used when current-directory is correctly set to the directory of your package. This is generally true when evaluating a file of your package in DrScheme. They are also relative to some parameters. Either set them to correct values directly or use set-planet-env. If you only need to use planet-build, then you can call it with the parameters values, which will be set temporarily.
(package-name)  string?
(package-name name)  void?
  name : string?
A parameter controlling the name of the package. By default it is the name of the current directory.

(major-version)  number?
(major-version number)  void?
  number : number?
A parameter controlling the major-version number of the current package (default: 1).

(minor-version)  number?
(minor-version number)  void?
  number : number?
A parameter controlling the minor-version number of the current package (default: 0).

(package-owner)  string?
(package-owner owner)  void?
  owner : string?
A parameter controlling the owner name of the current package. By default it is the username of the OS environment or "my-username" if none is found.

(set-planet-env owner major minor [name])  void?
  owner : string?
  major : number?
  minor : number?
  name : any/c = (package-name)
Creates a environment suitable for calling the functions of this module, by setting the package-owner, major-version, minor-version and package-name parameters to the given values. Call this function before any other if you want to change the default values of the parameters.

Launches the "planet" executable with the "create" option. The package file is put in the parent directory of the package. Using the planet executable seems to provide more debug info than make-planet-archive.

Launches the "planet" executable with the "file-inject" option on the current package file in the parent directory of the current-directory. The package file must exist.

Calls remove-pkg on the current package environment settings.

(parse-module package-name    
  [extension])  string?
  package-name : string?
  filename : string?
  extension : string? = "ss"
Creates the whole Scribble string associated with filename, automatically looking for the provided definitions (using quote-require) and adding header information.

(write-doc file [dir #:exists exists])  void?
  file : string?
  dir : (or/c path-string? 'up 'same) = 'same
  exists : (or/c 'error 'append 'update 'replace 'truncate 'truncate/replace)
   = 'error
Writes the ".scrbl" file associated with file in the directory dir. The exists argument is the same as for with-output-to-file, and the dir argument is the same as for build-path.

(write-main-src main files [#:exists exists])  void?
  main : path-string?
  files : (listof path-string?)
  exists : (or/c 'error 'append 'update 'replace 'truncate 'truncate/replace)
   = 'replace
(Re)writes the main source file of the package, using require-provide for each file of the package.

(write-main-doc main    
  [#:exists exists])  void?
  main : path-string?
  dir : (or/c path-string? 'up 'same)
  files : (listof path-string?)
  exists : (or/c 'error 'append 'update 'replace 'truncate 'truncate/replace)
   = 'error
Writes the main ".scrbl" file in the dir directory with a table of contents. If exists is 'error, write-main-doc only displays a warning and does not overwrite the file. If modules have been added to the package since the last execution of (planet-build), either the user should delete the main file so that it will be rewritten, or the user should add the inclusion of the modules himself in the main file.

(write-info dir    
  [#:exists exists])  void?
  dir : (or/c path-string? 'up 'same)
  main-src : string?
  main-doc : string?
  exists : (or/c 'error 'append 'update 'replace 'truncate 'truncate/replace)
   = 'error
Writes a stub of the the "info.ss" file that ought to be modified by the user. The argument dir is the sub-directory of the documentation. See write-main-doc for information about the exists option.

(write-docs [#:dir dir    
  #:main-src main-src    
  #:main-doc main-doc    
  #:info? info?    
  #:except except])  void?
  dir : path-string? = "reference"
  main-src : (or/c #f string?) = "main.ss"
  main-doc : (or/c #f string?) = "manual"
  info? : boolean? = #t
  except : (listof string?) = '()
Calls write-main-src on main-src, write-main-doc on main-doc, if they are provided. Calls write-info if info? is #t, and creates the documentation directory dir if it does not already exist.

(Re)writes the ".scrbl" file for all other ".ss" or ".scm" file in the directory (but not in sub-directories), without warning. An exception list of files that must not be included in the process can be given through except.

Deletes all ".bak" files, in the current directory and its sub-directories, that may have been created by DrScheme. Does not (yet) deletes "~" files under Unix.

Creates a PLaneT hard link to the current directory so that it is considered as a package.

Removes the planet hard link of the current package.

(planet-build [owner    
  #:dir dir    
  #:main-src main-src    
  #:main-doc main-doc    
  #:info? info?    
  #:except except])  void?
  owner : string? = (package-owner)
  major : number? = (major-version)
  minor : number? = (minor-version)
  dir : path-string? = "reference"
  main-src : (or/c #f string?) = "main.ss"
  main-doc : (or/c #f string?) = "manual"
  info? : boolean? = #t
  except : (listof string?) = '()
Creates a hard-link, calls write-docs with the except exception list of files, calls delete-bak-files, and then calls planet-create. See write-docs for the description of the keyword options.

(planet-explore pkg-sym)  void?
  pkg-sym : any/c
Opens the directory of the local planet package pkg-sym with explore. Exemple: (planet-explore 'orseau/lazy-doc).