UPPERCASE.plt(1 0)dyoo[no description available]
 ahocorasick.plt(1 0)dyooAho-Corasick Tools: both an interpreter and a compiler for Aho-Corasick automata
 arctangent.plt(1 0)dyoo[no description available]
 autogrammar.plt(1 0)dyoo[no description available]
 bf.plt(1 1)dyoo

bf: a brainf*ck compiler for Racket. Includes a tutorial for building a language in Racket.

 bisect-search.plt(1 0)1.0dyooBisection search algorithm
 brainfudge.plt(1 0)dyoo[no description available]
 calm-evt.plt(1 0)1.0dyoocalm-evt: event wrapper that calms an event's delivery.
 chaining-compare.plt(1 1)dyoo
 compose-lang.plt(1 0)dyoo[no description available]
 country-codes.plt(1 1)1.1dyooISO 3166 country codes.
 generator.plt(2 2)1.1dyooProvides nice syntactic sugar for writing Python/Ruby stylegenerators.
 get-environment.plt(1 0)1.0dyooget C environmental variables
 hash-cons.plt(1 0)1.0dyoohash-cons for sharing of cons pairs and structs
 infix.plt(1 1)1.2dyooinfix expressions for PLT Scheme
 join-forest.plt(1 2)1.1dyoojoin a forest of binary trees
 moby.plt(3 11)dyooObsoleted and replaced by Whalesong. Please use Whalesong instead:
 move-pos.plt(1 0)1.0dyoocalculates the effect of printing a displayed string on line/column positions.
 outer.plt(1 1)dyoo[no description available]
 porter-stemmer.plt(1 1)dyooA packaging of the algorithm from Programming Praxis's discussion on the Porter-stemming algorithm.
 rle.plt(1 1)1.0dyoorun-length encoding
 rope.plt(3 2)3.0dyooRopes for fast string concatenation and subsequencing
 sicp-concurrency.plt(1 2)1.2dyooSICP Concurrency language.
 simply-scheme.plt(1 1)dyooDefinitions to support programs written for Simply Scheme.
 srfi-alias.plt(1 3)1.0dyooAliases for the SRFI's
 string-template.plt(1 0)1.0dyoosimple string templates
 suffixtree.plt(1 1)dyoo

Suffix trees with Ukkonen's algorithm

 syntax-reprinter.plt(1 0)1.0dyooprint syntax objects, preserving lines and columns
 tqueue.plt(1 2)1.0dyoo

A queue-like data structure for topological sorting.

 tree-cursor.plt(1 1)dyoo[no description available]
 union-find.plt(1 0)1.0dyoounion-find: classical union-find data structure for disjoint sets
 version-case.plt(1 8)1.8dyooversion-case: conditional code based on mzscheme version
 weak-map.plt(1 0)1.0dyooweak-map: a hash-table with weak-keysUseful for building object caches. Also includes a string-intern example.
 while-loop.plt(1 0)dyooWhile loops for Racket
 xml-pull.plt(1 0)1.0dyoopull-style parsing for very large xml documents.

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Pressing end causes error
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Pressing unicode in command mode causes insertion
328divascheme/divascheme.pltanonymousdefect(1 6)
claims to install successfully, but doesn't seem to actually work
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Hello world doesn't compile
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Problem installing Whalesong
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f4 toggle menu item does not show keyboard shortcut