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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#499 "not a procedure" problem on Windows new clements defect minor
#501 Problem finding files - package setup/internal links new dherman defect major
#507 Font lock doesn't work for subsubsubsection new neil defect major
#518 Doesnt' run new kazzmir defect major
#534 Fixing the test files new shawnpresser defect major
#539 Problem installing Whalesong new dyoo defect major
#1114 Bad typecheck in map, foldl, foldr new krhari defect major
#1462 transform-painter fails on non-rectangle configuration new soegaard defect major
#1488 ZeroMQ integration with Racket 5.3.2 on Windows broken in FFI-lib needinfo jaymccarthy defect minor
#1790 charterm event not ready when bytes are available new neil defect major
#1791 charterm event not ready when bytes are available new neil defect major
#1792 charterm event not ready when bytes are available new neil defect major
#1794 Channel mask should be 0xf instead of 0x7 new clements defect major
#1800 Unit test fails because of problem with reverse! new dherman defect blocker
#1802 Scribble Emacs Mode Installation Issue. new neil defect major
#5 API requests new dherman enhancement major
#25 make-response/xhtml/full new dherman enhancement major
#29 memoization is not thread-safe new dherman enhancement major
#31 make sets sequences new dherman enhancement major
#32 optional and keyword args new dherman enhancement major
#34 Function.prototype.toString should produce source new dherman enhancement major
#41 implement read-only __proto__ new dherman enhancement minor
#56 parameter for top-level let semantics new dherman enhancement major
#81 make prophecies sequences new dherman enhancement major
#95 make a csv-reader that takes in an input-port new neil enhancement minor
#116 long startup time new vegashacker enhancement major
#124 rename to new ryanc enhancement minor
#143 Request for docs on interaction model new vyzo enhancement major
#154 schememodlang/this-package + defmodulelang/this-package new cce enhancement major
#158 Feature request: lang/this-package new cce enhancement major
#160 Port to typed-scheme accepted schematics enhancement major
#191 SchemeUnit checks for syntax errors new schematics enhancement major
#236 pict-* from scheme/slideshow should combine in the order of the clauses new cce enhancement minor
#241 f4 toggle menu item does not show keyboard shortcut assigned dyoo enhancement trivial
#275 please convert comments in xml file to *COMMENT* sxml nodes new lizorkin enhancement minor
#276 Start function doesn't allow for changing fps new kazzmir enhancement major
#277 World object doesn't export get-objects new kazzmir enhancement major
#290 compile: unbound identifier in module new robby enhancement major some
#297 enhance define-datatype to handle #:property prop:equal+hash new dherman enhancement major
#298 Better error messages for accessors new krhari enhancement minor
#319 current-print is inactive new neil enhancement major
#322 Racket v5.1 for/vector new wmfarr enhancement trivial
#330 Unable to create unique indices accepted jaymccarthy enhancement major
#414 Support vectors new dherman enhancement trivial
#436 Reg Fixers new bzlib enhancement minor
#500 Request for adding parser combinator "zero" new bzlib enhancement major
#505 Implicit passing of monad argument new toups enhancement major
#506 Get and put new toups enhancement major
#1535 `prime?' function does not check if x < 2. new djhaskin987 enhancement trivial
#1789 Adding support for a testing ticket status new asumu enhancement major some
#1803 Have you thought about moving this to MELPA? (EOM) new neil enhancement minor
#36 implement JavaScript library fully new dherman task minor
#39 regular expressions aren't implemented new dherman task minor
#54 "use lexical scope" pragma new dherman task major
#99 add an expansion phase to the compiler new dherman task major
#121 test infrastructure for different compilation modes new dherman task major
#122 coverage for compiler tests new dherman task major
#129 audit duplicate-variable errors/non-errors new dherman task critical
#156 test-suite semantics change makes my code infinite loop accepted schematics task major
#176 same name as another planet package - confusing version numbering new fjl task minor
#238 note that you need to restart DrScheme after (require ...)-ing the projectmgr accepted spdegabrielle task minor
#281 Please consider using development links. new ocorcoll task major
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