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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#275 please convert comments in xml file to *COMMENT* sxml nodes new lizorkin enhancement minor
#276 Start function doesn't allow for changing fps new kazzmir enhancement major
#277 World object doesn't export get-objects new kazzmir enhancement major
#280 eof error new soegaard defect critical
#281 Please consider using development links. new ocorcoll task major
#282 Unable to make 4.2.5 with shared libraries enabled. new robby defect major
#283 incorrect `declare-exporting' new dherman defect major
#285 Fails to compile new dherman defect major
#292 png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8 not found while compiling new robby defect major
#297 enhance define-datatype to handle #:property prop:equal+hash new dherman enhancement major
#298 Better error messages for accessors new krhari enhancement minor
#299 Cannot typecheck (equal? (list) (list)) new krhari defect major
#302 define/memo doesn't save time for funs of arity > 1 new dherman defect major
#303 problem w/ abbreviated xpath syntax new lizorkin defect minor
#309 Parsing bug discovered new neil defect minor
#313 Documentation bug: Incorrect SCRBL markup new dutchyn defect trivial
#319 current-print is inactive new neil enhancement major
#322 Racket v5.1 for/vector new wmfarr enhancement trivial
#323 (rsound-play ding) does not play in Debian sid new clements defect major
#327 require error on installing new cce defect minor
#328 claims to install successfully, but doesn't seem to actually work assigned dyoo defect major
#329 Frequency counting benchmark hash-for-each bug new dvanhorn defect minor
#332 Looks like this language extension is broken on latest version of Racket and PLT-Scheme new abromfie defect major
#338 Error with Racket 5.1.2 and bzlib new bzlib defect major
#345 socket.plt fails to install new vyzo defect major
#357 Upgrade bindings to the current Cairo release new samth defect major
#363 Hello world doesn't compile new dyoo defect major
#366 Revision to previous ticket new kazzmir defect minor
#370 writing comment inserts extra spaces new neil defect major
#371 Running example code produces no sound new evhan defect major
#372 Unbound identifier new evanfarrer defect major
#385 compilation error on racket v5.1.3 new dherman defect major
#387 compilation error new untyped defect major
#409 Negative numbers unsupported new jeeve defect major
#411 Growing memory consumption when using ryanc/db.plt new ryanc defect major
#414 Support vectors new dherman enhancement trivial
#415 bug in firmata.scrbl new xtofs defect major
#421 static-page won't load for 5.2.1 new dherman defect major
#427 Subquotes break the csv-reader new neil defect major
#433 install complains new soegaard defect major
#434 install complains new neil defect major
#436 Reg Fixers new bzlib enhancement minor
#449 JSON parser incorrectly parses '[' with newline and then ']' new dherman defect major
#450 stty on mac doesn't support -F new neil defect major
#467 Doc bug in csv->list applied to a string new neil defect major
#470 can't bind commands to capital letters new divascheme defect major
#487 i need rosetta new aml defect major
#488 Empty file reports wrong error new dherman defect minor
#490 Unable to install new neil defect major
#499 "not a procedure" problem on Windows new clements defect minor
#500 Request for adding parser combinator "zero" new bzlib enhancement major
#501 Problem finding files - package setup/internal links new dherman defect major
#505 Implicit passing of monad argument new toups enhancement major
#506 Get and put new toups enhancement major
#507 Font lock doesn't work for subsubsubsection new neil defect major
#518 Doesnt' run new kazzmir defect major
#534 Fixing the test files new shawnpresser defect major
#539 Problem installing Whalesong new dyoo defect major
#1114 Bad typecheck in map, foldl, foldr new krhari defect major
#1462 transform-painter fails on non-rectangle configuration new soegaard defect major
#1535 `prime?' function does not check if x < 2. new djhaskin987 enhancement trivial
#1790 The Best Natural Skin Care new Dima_ defect major
#1791 The visible benefits new Dima_ task major
#1792 weight lose tips1222 new Dima_ defect major
#1793 How To Develop Muscle With three Standard Fundamentals new Dima_ defect major
#1794 weight lose111 new Dima_ defect major
#1795 We Burn Fatness Easily With Supplement new Dima_ defect major
#1796 weight lose933..14 new Dima_ defect major
#1797 weight lose399993 new Dima_ defect major
#1798 weight lose straight441 new Dima_ defect major
#1799 weight lose care2525 new Dima_ defect major
#1800 Tips And Affordable Camping Survival Gear That Everyone new Dima_ defect major
#1801 weight lose pro 22 new Dima_ defect major
#1802 How You Lost Your Weight new Dima_ defect major
#1803 Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Teaches new Dima_ defect major
#1804 La crème Makes your Face Changed new Dima_ defect major
#1807 How to take care of your skin with Dermangelie new Dima_ task major
#1808 How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Around Mouth new Dima_ defect major
#1809 Dermangelie new Dima_ task major
#1810 Skin care with Dermangelie new Dima_ task major
#1811 Skin care new Dima_ defect major
#1812 Dermangelie Anti Wrinkle Formula new Dima_ task major
#1813 Best Weight Loss Product & Formula new Dima_ defect major
#1814 Skin Care With Dermangelie new Dima_ task major
#1815 Slim Ties Can Be the Perfect Ties new Dima_ defect major
#1816 3 Signs of a Body Conditioning Program You Should Avoid new Dima_ defect major
#1817 Skin Care With Dermangelie new Dima_ task major
#1818 Dermangelie Review new Dima_ defect major
#1819 skin care tipes new Dima_ task minor
#1820 Use Slimming Products That Are Absolutely Natural new Dima_ defect major
#1821 Simply Remove Your Wrinkles On Your Face new Dima_ defect major
#1822 Skin care new Dima_ task major
#1823 Skin care new Dima_ task major
#1824 skin care new Dima_ task minor
#1825 Get Herbal Slimming Pills to Be Slimmer new Dima_ defect major
#1826 How to remove pimple new Dima_ task major
#1827 The best way to be slim new Dima_ defect major
#1828 How does it work new Dima_ task major
#1829 Yacon Root Max contains many healthy new Dima_ defect major
#1830 What is the best way to shape and slim your body? new Dima_ defect major
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